Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was updated in May 2018

Our Privacy Policy has been put together to show and ensure our clients that the following has been considered and explains why and how we use any personal information kept for each of our clients. We would like our clients to be aware that all their personal details are kept safe and not shared.

How we collect our data

We ask our clients for their personal information either over the phone when they call to make their appointments or when they are here in the salon. We make sure that no details are over heard by anyone else and as soon as they are on our system they are saved and go nowhere else. This information includes a home address, mobile or home contact number and email address. We also ask for a date of birth as long as the client is happy to give it. If they prefer us not to have any or little of this information, that is absolutely fine and we will note that on our system so that they are not asked again.

Where we store our data

Any personal data we have is stored on a database on our computer system. The system we use is called Shortcuts. Everything is kept safe and no information is shared. We back up our computer daily so that we don't loose anything but only employees of Creations Hair&Beauty Group have access.

What we use our personal data for

We use any personal information for our own research to find out where our clients come in from and how frequently we see them. We remove any client that hasn't returned to the salon within a 2 year period and wouldn't send any marketing to anyone who hasn't returned in this time. We do not send a lot of marketing but occasionally send promotional offers. We also use personal mobile numbers and/or email addresses to send daily appointment reminders.

How our clients information is protected

Our computer system only allows employees of Creations Hair&Beauty Group access to our system and this is done by a pin code system. All employees are aware not to give this pin code information out to anyone else.


All our clients have the right to 'opt-out' and can let us know at any point if they would like us to take off any information we have for them. If they are happy for us to have certain information, this is fine and if they would prefer us to have information but not to use it for marketing then we can ensure this is done for them. Our clients also have the option to receive any marketing by post, email or text message.