Hair Extensions


We have been offering hair extensions in the salon for over a year now and have had some amazing results. We use two different techniques, one being tape extensions and the other being Nano-beads. We find that each are more suitable for different hair types which we would decide once seeing your own natural hair. We find that the tape extensions are most popular as are so light and the tape used are virtually undetectable on finer hair. We have partnered with Rapture Hair who provide the tape extensions to us. They use 100% remy hair and offer 22 different natural shades as well as 8 fun, vibrant shades. Think volume,style,colour and length, all easily achieved with Rapture hair at lengths up to 50cm. Extensions last up to 8 weeks after which a quick visit back to us means we can remove the hair and re apply as the hair will have grown down with your natural growth. The actual hair can last up to 9 months depending on aftercare and maintenance.

Why not book in for a consultation with us if you would like more information on both techniques used.

Prices start between £150-£350 depending on colour how many packs of hair are needed.

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