3D Men Sion

Tailor your regime to the specific needs of your hair with the [3D]Mension Haircare range, the first Schwarzkopf brand engineered 100% for men.

The 3D aspect of this collection is based upon the three key performance dimensions of hair care: the hair, the scalp and the roots. Each product is adapted to cater to each of these areas and their specific requirements, resulting in product ranges for Normal Hair, Dandruff, Anti Hair-Loss and Sensitive Scalps.

Hair & Body Shampoo – This stimulating dual-purpose gel clarifies the skin, the hair and the mind with its menthol-infused formulation, while a dash of caffeine energises the scalp and the skin.

Deep Cleansing Shampoo – The richly lathering shampoo removes stubborn product build-up from the hair, clarifying the entire area and eradicating all traces of oil from the scalp.

Anti-Dandruff ShampooThis deeply clarifying yet gentle formulation creates a rich lather that instantly removes dandruff flakes from the hair.

Anti Dandruff Tonic – This lightweight, concentrated fluid is ideal for effectively removing dandruff flakes with a combination of Zinc Pyrithion and Allantoin, which work together to soothe itching, reduce redness and clarify the scalp.

Activating Shampoo – This formulation works on the hair, the scalp and the roots to increase the production of hair growth factors and deliver nutrients to the hair follicle.

Fortifying Tonic – This lightweight fluid is ideal for bodifiying the hair and promoting a feeling of strength and fullness, while stimulating the hair roots and activating growth.

Activating Serum Shots – Containing a high concentration of the three key ingredients – Panthenol, Taurin and Carnitin – the formulation works to increase the productivity of the hair and its roots and promotes growth.

Sensitive Scalp Shampoo – This gentle formulation that works to soothe and protect the scalp. The formulation contains a wealth of caring and hydrating ingredients that relieve soreness and calm the area.

Strong Hold Gel – Construct your style with this robust and hardwearing formulation. The buildable gel texture allows you to create hard-to-achieve styles with ease, from sharply structured to more shapely looks.

Strong Hold Hairspray – Control your style with this lightweight spray. The versatile product is perfect for those who want long-lasting style control that remains workable and supple.

Matifying Cream – Manipulate your hair with this dry texture cream. The texture of the cream helps you to create strong looks with incredible volume and separation.

Grooming Fluid – Create optimum style control with this lightweight formulation that promotes shine and body for fuller feeling hair.

Texturising Cream – Define your hair with this natural finish cream-paste that helps you to create movement and texture in your hair.

Molding Wax – Defy gravity with this flexible hold formulation that can be remodelled over and over to achieve the perfect finish.